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Safe Ride

All we can say is that it’s about time┬áthat TUPD installs a callback system. All it took was the armed robbery of three sober males (doing EVERYTHING that TUPD says will keep you safe…and being male) to get the administration … Continue reading

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Crime Maps

Hey guys, we’d like you to check out the page entitled “crime maps.” We decided to map the Tulane Crime Reports to see where the majority of crimes are taking place off campus. So far, crimes from September 2011 to … Continue reading

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Aggravated Rape, Armed Robbery, and Simple Kidnapping McMain Secondary School student raped & robbed: The victim was abducted at gunpoint in the 1600 block of Nashville Avenue, she was transported via the white 4 door sedan to Walnut & Leake Avenue, at that point she was … Continue reading

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Why “It’s Not Enough” ?

In September, The Hullabaloo published a piece entitled “MIPs, misplaced priorities” by Samantha Halperin, lamenting the police attention to underage drinking rather than serious crime. “NOPD’s crackdown is ineffective and counterproductive. Alcohol consumption among young adults has passed a point … Continue reading

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