Safe Ride

All we can say is that it’s about time that TUPD installs a callback system. All it took was the armed robbery of three sober males (doing EVERYTHING that TUPD says will keep you safe…and being male) to get the administration to spend some money!

The Tulane University Police Department is modifying its Safe Ride protocols in response to a robbery of a Loyola student and her friend waiting for the shuttle last week. Three other robberies of students have taken place in the last two weeks.

TUPD has implemented a new callback system, effective Thursday, in which dispatchers will instruct Safe Ride callers to remain in a safe location where they can see the shuttle and will receive a “call back” when the shuttle is in the area.

TUPD began considering this callback system in October after the first incident of students being robbed while waiting for Safe Ride. The system is being instated immediately as a result of the armed robbery at 12:17 a.m. Thursday of a Loyola student and her friend, who were waiting for Safe Ride.

“This is the second time this has happened,” TUPD Col. Jack LeBlanc said. “It’s clear that we need to make some changes to make sure that students are safe as they are waiting for Safe Ride.”

It’s encouraging to see TUPD respond promptly to incidents like this, although it’s (sadly) a surprise.

It would also be great to get Loyola crime reports emailed to the Tulane student list-serv, as well.



About It's Not Enough

We are Tulane students who appreciate the effort TUPD gives to protect us, but believe that it is inadequate. Given the amount of assaults, robberies, burglaries and other types of crime that surrounds the Tulane Campus, we need more from TUPD. Simply put, it's not enough.
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