a letter to the editor from Sam Stone

Sam Stone wrote a letter to the editor of the Times-Pic in support of the campaign. There will be a cover story of us coming out Tuesday.

Disclaimer: The following letter expresses the views of the author, not of the Undergraduate Student Government.
Re: New Orleans police searching for Uptown rape suspect, Jan 10th, 2012

On January 9th at 3:08 AM, two women were forcibly raped in an alley of the 6000 block of South Robertson, just two blocks off of Tulane University’s campus. This is far from being an unpopulated area; in fact, it sits barely fifty yards from Tulane’s largest freshman dorm and is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. What concerns me and many students at Tulane is the ever-escalating nature of crime in the Uptown area.
According to NOPD, over 25 majorly violent crimes have occurred within one mile of Tulane sinceAugust 25th of 2011. Contrary to popular belief (read: Councilwoman Susan Guidry and various neighborhood associations), the victims of these crimes are not drunk college students whose inebriation causes them to be targets. Rather, they are members and citizens of Uptown communities.

Crime around Tulane has escalated from simple robbery and aggravated burglary at night to daytime armed carjackings, and now to forcible rape. While the Tulane University Police Department has done all it can do to protect Tulanians and the community around thus far, it is not enough. It is time for Mayor Landrieu, the City Council, and NOPD to step up to the plate.

As Mayor Landrieu said, “Change will not just come from the top down on this one [crime],” but it would sure be nice if the elected officials in this city and NOPD seriously start addressing and attempting to prevent violent crime in the Uptown area.

Sam Stone
Vice President for Student Organizations
The Undergraduate Student Government of Tulane University

POST SCRIPTUM– this is not an issue of class warfare, as some people on both sides of the issue have made it out to be, this is an issue of safety. It is not something that we can complain about as a luxury or privilege that we as Tulanians enjoy because of where we go to school or how much we pay, this is something that we, as citizens of New Orleans, deserve–equal protection under the laws, the same as everyone else. We are not entitled to any special treatment. The whole city needs to step up it’s efforts to manage crime, everywhere.


About It's Not Enough

We are Tulane students who appreciate the effort TUPD gives to protect us, but believe that it is inadequate. Given the amount of assaults, robberies, burglaries and other types of crime that surrounds the Tulane Campus, we need more from TUPD. Simply put, it's not enough.
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