On Saturday the Dean of Students, Dean Hogg emailed all parents & students:

This message was distributed to students on Jan. 13, 2012:

Dear Students:

I know that you are as excited to return to Tulane and New Orleans as we are to welcome you back. However, many of you, as well as your parents, have expressed concerns about safety on and off campus.

Last semester, university officials began discussions with many groups, including student government representatives, parents and individual students regarding this issue and these conversations are continuing.

Based on what we learned, we addressed specific concerns and will continue to address ongoing or new issues.

As we begin the new semester, you should know that:

–   More university police are assigned to the streets around campus where many students live, work and visit.

–   Safe Rides has been improved by taking the cell numbers of students who call for a pick up and calling the students back when the Safe Ride has arrived outside their locale. This eliminates the need for students to wait outside for a Safe Ride to pick them up.

–   There are more police available to escort students who are traveling by foot and do not feel safe.

–    Email alerts and postings about crimes that happen in the university area will become more frequent.

–   Late night student activities and programs on campus have increased.

To further increase campus safety, Tulane made the decision to combine all of our police departments under the newly created position of police superintendent. Jon Barnwell, the new superintendent, has an extensive background in university police work. He begins work on Tuesday, Jan. 17, and shortly thereafter will meet with representatives of student government and individual students regarding their concerns about crime.

Crime and safety issues extend beyond the jurisdiction and control of Tulane and are part of a larger problem facing our city. However, Tulane will continue to work in partnership with our campus community, the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans Police Department and the Louisiana State Police to keep you safe.

Michael Hogg

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students



About It's Not Enough

We are Tulane students who appreciate the effort TUPD gives to protect us, but believe that it is inadequate. Given the amount of assaults, robberies, burglaries and other types of crime that surrounds the Tulane Campus, we need more from TUPD. Simply put, it's not enough.
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