Meeting with Superintendent Barnwell and Captain Noble

Hey y’all —

We just had a meeting with the new Superintendent of TUPD, Jon Barnwell, and Captain Reed Noble and we are pleased to say it went very well! We discussed the following:

Diversification patrols: Barnwell informed us that he is introducing diversification patrols, which means more officers on bike and foot patrols.  Additionally officers have started to wear bright neon yellow vests to increase their visibility.  This has already received positive feedback from not only Tulane students, but other residents of the community as well.

Lights: on Maple and Broadway streets have already been fixed and there are plans to continue this throughout the uptown neighborhood.

Safe Routes: TUPD will be launching a campaign focused on educating students about the safest routes to take while walking through the area. The routes will be patrolled by officers as part of the diversification tactic described above. It is expected that these will be well lit routes that are already heavily trafficked.

Two apps are in the works: Rave Guardian and Safe Ride. Safe Ride will become available this week. You can already see on the TUPD website where Safe Ride is in real time, but the app would allow you to have this information on your phone. It is essentially a tracking system and will hopefully increase safety dramatically. Rave Guardian will hopefully be available and implemented by March 1st.  This program is already in use at Yale, where it is called the “Bulldog”, and it is like a blue light for your phone. If there is an emergency and you are not near a physical blue light, you tap a button on this app, and your location will be sent to TUPD immediately.

Rave Guardian:

Safe Ride: In regards to Safe Ride, there are currently 3 buses operating on a call by call basis. However, Barnwell is thinking of having 2 shuttles operate on a call by call basis, while the third will be on a set route to popular destinations.

Increased Area of Patrol: We are also pleased to announce that TUPD has increased its area of patrol from one half mile from campus to one full mile, which means they now patrol all the way to Carrollton Ave.

Crime Alerts: In response to our critiques of the crime alert emails, Barnwell told us that TUPD is investigating the possibility of adding a link to the NOPD crime maps in each email, revising the “tips” listed at the bottom of each crime alert, and including a link to RAD classes.

RAD (Rape Aggression Defense):  class schedules have been posted for the Spring semester: We are pleased to announce that there are more instructors available than before because of the merging between the downtown and uptown police forces. Additionally, more officers are becoming RAD For Men certified, and TUPD is looking into creating a RAD For Men class as soon as possible. We urge all students to take a RAD course! Additionally, TUPD is looking into classes for Aerosol and Keychain defense instruction.

TUPD Website: TUPD is also going to be revamping their website to “put a face to the name” of TUPD, and will be adding photos of the officers with their contact information, along with making the site more accessible.

Education Campaign: Finally, TUPD will be launching education campaigns to foster a positive relationship with the student body, along with promoting social responsibility.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with how this meeting went and the direction that the campaign has taken. We want to commend TUPD and Tulane University for listening to its students and taking our concerns and petition seriously. We have seen more officers walking and biking in our neighborhoods off campus and we we hope you have too.

–The It’s Not Enough team


About It's Not Enough

We are Tulane students who appreciate the effort TUPD gives to protect us, but believe that it is inadequate. Given the amount of assaults, robberies, burglaries and other types of crime that surrounds the Tulane Campus, we need more from TUPD. Simply put, it's not enough.
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