What You Can Do to See a Change

Thank you all for supporting the campaign, it is you who is going to make the difference.

If you have not heard already, on Sunday July 22, 2012, a crime report was issued.


DATE & TIME OF OCCURRENCE:                Sunday July 22, 2012 at 6:30 AM

LOCATION:                                                 1000 block of Broadway St.

REPORTED OFFENSE:                          Female victim awoke to find an unknown male standing near her bed. Victim screamed and the subject   fled through the rear of the residence. It is unknown how the subject gained entry to the residence

SUSPECT’S DESCRIPTION:                             Tall white male, mid-twenties, dark hair, heavy build, wearing a blue shirt.

SUSPECT’S VEHICLE:                                  N/A

TUPD neglected to share that the man was masturbating.

Fox 8 reports here.

When asked why this critical detail was left out of the report, he answers that he was “trying to get the crime report out as fast as possible and that TUPD did not have the information at the time of the report.” Perhaps this is the truth, but I find it hard to believe that wasn’t one of the first things the victim said when making her report.

Police Superintendent Jon Barnwell, appears to be doing his best, with what It’s Not Enough deems to be a grossly understaffed police force. Barnwell says however, because NOPD is in charge of primary patrol and TUPD is merely a secondary supplement to them, that he feels TUPD is well staffed. He will happily take more officers, though.

It’s Not Enough saw great progress with the onset of the campaign last semester. A safety committee of students and staff was born, which meets bi-weekly to discuss improvements in student safety. More police officers have been hired and some lights have been repaired. An app is in development right now, which will work as a virtual escort, with a panic button that will track where you are and police will respond accordingly. The app was supposed to be ready to go at the beginning of the academic year, but it has been pushed back to come out mid-semester. These are all great steps in the right direction and It’s Not Enough acknowledges the administration for doing so.

However, if this summer has taught us anything it is that these measures are still not enough. We believe that since NOPD is understaffed, TUPD needs to work as the primary patrol. Every light needs to be repaired and MANY more need to be put up. 

We will happily start a petition but we need your help. We need to hear what you want to see changed.

So please, comment here. Like us and subscribe on facebook

As always, continue to tell the people in charge that what they are doing is not enough.

President Cowen: 504.865.5201 or  ssc@tulane.edu

Michael Hogg, Dean of Students: 504-314-2188 or mhogg@tulane.edu

TUPD Police Superintendent Jon Barnwell: 504.214.4098 or jon@tulane.edu

NOPD Police Chief: 504-658-5757 or nopdchief@nola.gov

Mayor Mitch Landrieu: 504.658.4900

Thank you,

It’s Not Enough


About It's Not Enough

We are Tulane students who appreciate the effort TUPD gives to protect us, but believe that it is inadequate. Given the amount of assaults, robberies, burglaries and other types of crime that surrounds the Tulane Campus, we need more from TUPD. Simply put, it's not enough.
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