Meeting with Superintendent Barnwell and Captain Noble

Hey y’all —

We just had a meeting with the new Superintendent of TUPD, Jon Barnwell, and Captain Reed Noble and we are pleased to say it went very well! We discussed the following:

Diversification patrols: Barnwell informed us that he is introducing diversification patrols, which means more officers on bike and foot patrols.  Additionally officers have started to wear bright neon yellow vests to increase their visibility.  This has already received positive feedback from not only Tulane students, but other residents of the community as well.

Lights: on Maple and Broadway streets have already been fixed and there are plans to continue this throughout the uptown neighborhood.

Safe Routes: TUPD will be launching a campaign focused on educating students about the safest routes to take while walking through the area. The routes will be patrolled by officers as part of the diversification tactic described above. It is expected that these will be well lit routes that are already heavily trafficked.

Two apps are in the works: Rave Guardian and Safe Ride. Safe Ride will become available this week. You can already see on the TUPD website where Safe Ride is in real time, but the app would allow you to have this information on your phone. It is essentially a tracking system and will hopefully increase safety dramatically. Rave Guardian will hopefully be available and implemented by March 1st.  This program is already in use at Yale, where it is called the “Bulldog”, and it is like a blue light for your phone. If there is an emergency and you are not near a physical blue light, you tap a button on this app, and your location will be sent to TUPD immediately.

Rave Guardian:

Safe Ride: In regards to Safe Ride, there are currently 3 buses operating on a call by call basis. However, Barnwell is thinking of having 2 shuttles operate on a call by call basis, while the third will be on a set route to popular destinations.

Increased Area of Patrol: We are also pleased to announce that TUPD has increased its area of patrol from one half mile from campus to one full mile, which means they now patrol all the way to Carrollton Ave.

Crime Alerts: In response to our critiques of the crime alert emails, Barnwell told us that TUPD is investigating the possibility of adding a link to the NOPD crime maps in each email, revising the “tips” listed at the bottom of each crime alert, and including a link to RAD classes.

RAD (Rape Aggression Defense):  class schedules have been posted for the Spring semester: We are pleased to announce that there are more instructors available than before because of the merging between the downtown and uptown police forces. Additionally, more officers are becoming RAD For Men certified, and TUPD is looking into creating a RAD For Men class as soon as possible. We urge all students to take a RAD course! Additionally, TUPD is looking into classes for Aerosol and Keychain defense instruction.

TUPD Website: TUPD is also going to be revamping their website to “put a face to the name” of TUPD, and will be adding photos of the officers with their contact information, along with making the site more accessible.

Education Campaign: Finally, TUPD will be launching education campaigns to foster a positive relationship with the student body, along with promoting social responsibility.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with how this meeting went and the direction that the campaign has taken. We want to commend TUPD and Tulane University for listening to its students and taking our concerns and petition seriously. We have seen more officers walking and biking in our neighborhoods off campus and we we hope you have too.

–The It’s Not Enough team

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UPDATE to Jezebel Article

Doug Barry, the author of the article on Jezebel, just posted these corrections:

“Update: Since this article was posted, Clare Austen-Smith issued a response pointing out a few things that should be corrected and clarified. Though the article I cited only specifically mentions Clare Austen-Smith as the principle organizer of “It’s Not Enough,” she in fact started the organization with the help of Eliza Arnold, Lula Fotis, and Elena Pueraro, who all deserve credit for the work they’ve done. The omission was my mistake and I apologize. She also writes, “Additionally, our campaign is not calling for more attention by NOPD or hiring increases by TUPD. In our petition, one of our top goals is to simply have more foot and bike patrols, rather than what the author of the Jezebel article supposes.” I had “supposed” that students were calling for, in addition to more foot and bike patrols, supplemental patrols from the city police based on the following passage from a letter to the editor of the New Orleans Times-Picayune that was posted on the “It’s Not Enough” site:

While the Tulane University Police Department has done all it can do to protect Tulanians and the community around thus far, it is not enough. It is time for Mayor Landrieu, the City Council, and NOPD to step up to the plate. As Mayor Landrieu said, “Change will not just come from the top down on this one [crime],” but it would sure be nice if the elected officials in this city and NOPD seriously start addressing and attempting to prevent violent crime in the Uptown area.

Though this letter remains on the site, its opinions belong exclusively to its author and are not representative of either the student government or the petition.

The comments made by Matteo Nagelberg have since been removed from the site altogether.”

We would like to point out that the comments from Matteo Nagelberg were removed BEFORE this article was published, by our own decision, and the information used in this article was NOT up to date when it was published.

I think that when we published Sam Stone’s letter, we made it clear that it was not our opinions but his. It was important for us to show people that the student government supported us; it adds to our legitimacy, which is why were posted it.

Doug Barry, thank you for listening to us and publishing the corrections. We greatly appreciate it.

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Concerning MIPs

We have been under fire recently for referring to MIPs in our first post and our petition. We woud like to clear up some misconceptions:

1. The first post on this blog is serving simply to illustrate how this campaign originated. We know and acknowledge that underage drinking is a crime and that TUPD has a responsibility to punish those who break the law.

2. In our petition, we simply used MIPs as an example. We admit that we could have used a different examples. For example, early in the fall semester, I was pulled over on Broadway because one of my very foolish (but sober) friend jumped on the hood of my car while I was driving. I immediately pulled over, and within minutes a TUPD officer was pulling up behind me. This I understood, but when 2 more patrol cars and 4 more officers showed up, I was baffled. I felt that it was an unnecessary amount of officers for 1 sober, non-violent incident, especially when the driver (me!) was complying fully. We meant to reference instances like this where TUPD responded with way more of a presence than necessary, when those officers could be using their time more effectively.

We would like to apologize for any misconceptions that arose from this.


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Jezebel Article

As an avid reader of Jezebel, I was SUPER SUPER SUPER thrilled to see that they wrote an article about It’s Not Enough!

However, there were some errors, so we decided to send them an email and see what they said:

Hi Jessica,

My name is Clare Austen-Smith, and recently one of your contributors posted an article about a campaign called It’s Not Enough, that me, along with 3 others, started to make Tulane a safer place. I really appreciate the piece, and as an avid reader of Jezebel I was absolutely thrilled to see it! Unfortunately, there are some errors that were in the article. This is not a campaign that I started on my own. My fellow students Eliza Arnold, Lula Fotis, and Elena Pueraro and I started this campaign together and I think that they deserve credit in the article.
I would also like to say that (in response to some of the criticism in the article), we recognize the disparities in safety between our Uptown neighborhood and others in the city. We believe that everyone deserves to be safe. As students, we decided to aim our campaign at Tulane University because that is where we have the most social capital and pull. We believe that this is not just about Tulane students, but about the entire Uptown area. Additionally, our campaign is not calling for more attention by NOPD or hiring increases by TUPD. In our petition, one of our top goals is to simply have more foot and bike patrols, rather than what the author of the Jezebel article supposes. I feel that it is important that our goals are not misrepresented. It is unfortunate that the author refers to us diminutively as “affluent college students who suddenly find that the bubble around their recreational existence has been popped in a city overwhelmed by crime.” None of us have been ignorant of the crime that surrounds us, which is why we started the campaign.
I would like to note that a week or so ago (before your article was published) we decided to take down Matteo Nagelberg’s comments because we felt that they were not completely in line with our message and by keeping them up there we were falsely representing our campaign’s goals and statements.
Anyway, I sincerely am grateful to see this article in Jezebel. Thank you so much for attention!
Clare Austen-Smith
I also called Jezebel (although the number listed on their about page is just a tip hotline) and left a message asking for a call back. Hopefully they will get in touch with us soon. I know that in past I have seen articles updated and amended, so I am confident that they will be open in responding to us.
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General Updates

Hi guys! The beginning of this semester has been hectic for all of us but we are happy to say we have lots of news.

In terms of media, a news article will be printed either this week or next based on the interview we did with Mary Kilpatrick, the crime reporter and writer on the Hullaballo. Cant wait to see how it turns out! Clare also did a phone interview with Jennie Gutierrez of the Loyola Maroon.

Additionally, we had our interview with WTUL this morning. For those of you that tuned in, it was a great conversation between ourselves and members of SOAR, Students Organizing Against Racism. We will be posting the link once it becomes available!

Meetings with the Administration:

Since school has begun, we have met multiple times with USG members Evan Nicoll, Sam Stone, Michael Lewis, and Marianna Brady. We have lent our support to their cause in achieving better lighting in and around campus and helping them pressure the City Council of NOLA to take some action, specifically with our (Uptown residents) councilperson Susan Guidry.

Additionally, the new superintendent of police Jon Barnwell, will have an open forum this Wednesday at 4pm, January 25th, in the Kendall Cram room of the LBC. We are working on setting up a one on one meeting with Superintendent Barnwell as soon as possible.

We have also met informally with Dean Hogg, who seems genuinely invested in helping us. We have been given a seat on the newly formed Student Safety Council, which will be meeting weekly to address different safety issues.

We would like to thank each and everyone one of you who has taken the time to sign our petition, watch our video, and support our cause. Evan Nicoll, USG President, told us that “It’s Not Enough” got the ball rolling on safety concerns within the administration and USG – which means your support directly influenced the university! Personally, we have seen more police offers walking and biking around campus, and we want to thank the university and the officers of TUPD for their efforts. We are very grateful.

Thanks again – we will keep you posted!


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Times-Picayune Article

Hey guys! Please check out the article the Times-Picayune just published in today’s paper.     We are extremely appreciative that the Times-Picayune has taken an interest in our cause. We recommend that you read the comments.


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We made Channel 6!!!

Watch the clips here:

First clip recognizing our call to action


Second clip about the video & subsequent university action



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