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  1. sally says:

    hi! I was just writing in hopes that the campaign does not forget about student-on-student crime at Tulane. Mostly because, unlike off-campus robberies and rapes, Tulane has control over how to handle student-on-student crimes that happen on-campus. When talking about crime and living in fear it is important to recognize that there are many students who have to attend class with a rapist due to a lack of action from administration. I would say Tulane’s response to student rapists is most especially “not enough” given many of these rapes happen on Tulane’s own soil or if not then in the homes of off-campus students. We do not get crime reports for/ever talk about these instances and I think that leads much of the student body to live in a world that believes the only threat they face is the threat of the “5 foot 6 African American male” who is presumably not a student. The crime reports for off-campus crimes are, I suppose, necessary, in which case I think that crime reports for on-campus crimes are even more important. We need an administration that is willing to protect its students from harm. I think Tulane is interested in protecting its reputation. This is risky not only for those who are raped but also for your own campaign. Tulane will do all that it can to seem like a safe campus for potential students to come to. This means that the more publicity placed on this campaign and it being understood as a Tulane v. off-campus rapists and robbers places the whole of New Orleans at risk for scrutinization. Its Not Enough should work to partner with New Orleans, not against it. Increased police presence will presumably put a mask over the problem of student-on-student crimes, and automatically give police (New Orleans police are renowned for racial profiling) an even larger opportunity to discriminate as a means to “protect” “us”.

  2. Hi Sally, thank you for your comment! We agree that student on student crime is a big deal and needs to be addressed. We think that crime alerts for all off campus crime, including student on student crime, should be sent to the student body. We would like to point out that our campaign is seeking to increase student protection by TUPD against ALL crimes, regardless of the perpetrator, and have never once specified that we are focusing on crimes perpetrated by non-affiliates of Tulane. We would also like to let you know that we are partnering with New Orleans by working with community organizations outside of Tulane – we are focusing on making the entire Uptown area safe.

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